Elizabeth Eubanks: Finding Success through the Paraprofessional+ Pathway Program

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When Elizabeth Eubanks was looking for a program to help her become a full-fledged teacher, she hoped she would find something that gave her the opportunity to continue her work as a paraprofessional while she student-taught. 买球网站’s new Paraprofessional+ Pathway program, which is offered completely online, helped her not only achieve that goal but also gave her the ability to spend more time with her children.

“Choosing this program was a no-brainer!”她说。.

A native of Albers, Illinois, Elizabeth currently serves as a paraprofessional in District 118 teaching students in small reading groups from kindergarten through the second grade and also small reading and math groups with intermediate grades. 后 she earns her degree through McKendree’s Paraprofessional+ Pathway program, she hopes to teach math with both intermediate and middle school students and perhaps even obtain a math endorsement to become a junior high math teacher. For now, she has been working to align her lessons to common core standards so her students can get the most out 她每天的功课.

“我 been perfecting how to properly write a lesson plan, which helps me to better prepare for my lessons in the classroom,伊丽莎白说. “我 been taught the importance of building positive relationships to help students feel welcomed and accepted. 我 become another adult whom they can trust.”

In her journey to become a teacher, Elizabeth has been learning the best instructional strategies to not only enhance her students’ knowledge but also to help them retain 新信息. Perhaps the greatest lesson that she’s learned recently is that behavior of any form is, in itself, a way of communicating.

“Communication helps me understand my students more and allows me to better fulfill 他们的需求,”她说.

As a current student herself, Elizabeth has found that the professors at McKendree are among her favorite parts of the Paraprofessional+ Pathway program. 同样多的人 McKendreans can attest, the faculty are very knowledgeable, kind, and want their students 成功.

“They are always there when I need help and are understanding when it comes to life situations,” Elizabeth added. “What stood out to me the most was when I was sick with 最近的流感. I asked my professors for extended time on that week’s assignment, and they all said to finish the assignment when I was well and able. 那真是太棒了。 有帮助的!”

The program, which was in part developed to help solve the teaching shortage throughout the state of Illinois, allows students to attain a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree and initial licensure in only two years. McKendree also offers a special education add-on license, which makes it even easier for teachers-to-be to realize their dreams in 更短的时间.

“I would definitely recommend this program to others!伊丽莎白说. “有 这么多好处. You save time, and you get to keep doing your job while you do the 两年的项目.” For more information about the Paraprofessional+ Pathway program, 请 点击这里.